Melbourne Grounds Maintenance specialises in creating and restoring your natural landscapes.

As a specialist in horticulture and customer service, Melbourne Grounds Maintenance is foremost committed to your business continuity with dedicated personal assistance. Your fully qualified provider of landscaping and grounds maintenance services, you are assured peace of mind with speciality in the “three R’s” of land care:


With Landscapes that are in order and have received reasonable care, typically do not require the initial investment of time and expertise that would come with restoration or rehabilitation. Regular short visits, to maintain and “finesse” to ensure your grounds, parks and gardens are kept to a high standard all year round.


It is common for the standard of your parks and gardens to diminish once and a while. You could have a sleeper wall that needs to be repaired, or those pathways have seen better days to just your typical overgrown garden. Melbourne Grounds Maintenance appreciates how to work within your budgets and expectations to design a plan that is just right for you.


With extreme land degradation, sometimes the cost and long-term results are unachievable through restoration. It makes sense occasionally to simply start again. This however, dose not mean extreme prices, it means extreme care with a plan and recommendations to suit your needs.


The delivery of all grounds maintenance activities are undertaken with the framework of accredited Quality Management Systems. Melbourne Grounds Maintenance management team are ideally positioned to be your partner for quality to safeguard your property, no matter how big or small, so you receive service delivery with quality controls that maximise every effort.

Cm3 Contractor Safety Management

  • Cm3 Contractor Safety Management is backed by GreencapNAA, one of Australia’s leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management.
  • Cm3 looks after Melbourne Grounds Maintenance’s need to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance to better manage health and safety requirements.
  • With this certification you can be assured that your service from Melbourne Grounds Maintenance are AS/NZ 4801 Health & Safety accredited for total peace of mind.