So what makes Melbourne Grounds Maintenance different?

Melbourne Grounds Maintenance is a privately owned Local Melbourne Business. The Founder, James Fairbairn, established the business with a work ethic that has always put the customer first, always taking into consideration the requirement for the consistent first class presentation of your grounds, parks and gardens, while minimising and shielding costs for you all year round. This is the business partner approach you receive.

Melbourne Ground Maintenance employs a team of 26 and is currently undergoing certification of Quality, Environmental and OH&S to ensure the business expansion continues in a systemised and controlled manner.

The real secret to the business success of the organisation is simple, yet uncommon in most businesses today, “fairness”.

  • Fairness in the commitment to you and your business needs

  • Fairness in the quality of the work

  • Fairness in the procedures, training and supervision of our staff.

The management team have worked in the Melbourne Facility Management industry collectively for the past 30 years and know what is required to be competitive in todays market. Delivering a quality consistent service is the only way to sustain commercial growth.


The delivery of all grounds maintenance activities are undertaken with the framework of accredited Quality Management Systems. Melbourne Grounds Maintenance management team are ideally positioned to be your partner for quality to safeguard your property, no matter how big or small, receives service delivery with quality controls that maximise every effort.

To support good business management to drive quality sustainability. First and foremost we establish the relationship with your business to understand your key drivers, business systems, your customers and stakeholders. Ensuring clarity on your requirements to fill your obligations with service delivery controls around procedures, training and supervision.

Business Mission

To have the best reputation for quality service and reliability in the Melbourne marketplace and we know this by achieving a minimum of a 98% success rate on our customer satisfaction feedback reports.


The level of systems and procedures your organisation receives is supported my a management structure of collectively over 70 years. This business was built on ensuring that no matter what, our clients received exceptional service and value for money. While in the early days this was possible thorough the founder, James Fairbairn, was able to personally manage and deliver the work directly.

However, as the business has grown, it was soon realised that innovation in procedures in service delivery control were required to achieve quality sustainability.


Staff hiring is simple: do they have the skills and do they fit our business values? Because we have shaped the business model very specifically to support us achieve our goal of quality sustainability. The interview process helps us get the right attitudes to start with, whether a junior or seasoned professional, the “can-do” attitude is a must and not negotiable. But once they are employed, this does not mean our staff can slack off.

The systems in place have also been developed to do two things, protect our staff by way of means of know if their work load is unrealistic but also help us flag if there is an additional training or recourse requirement. Simply put it means that if there is ever an issue, we know fast and can design a solution promptly to see your business get the quality sustainability we guarantee.


Environmental care and sustainability are among Melbourne Grounds Maintenance’s core values and in our garden maintenance services, as in every aspect of our work, we are constantly seeking ways to minimise our impact on the environment. In particular we take every opportunity to reduce water usage, an example of which is the emphasis we place on the use of Earth-smart mulch additives which will improve drainage, reduce evaporation and retain moisture. Mulch can be critical to maintaining healthy garden beds during water restrictions, as well as having a multitude of other benefits such as weed suppression and aesthetic appearance.