Integrated Management System

Melbourne Grounds Maintenance’s Integrated Management System (IMS) lies at the heart of our promise to deliver an extraordinary experience to every customer and to be exceptional in everything we do. Our approach to our work is deeply pragmatic and we recognise that having an outstanding management model built on progressive procedures, continuous training and innovative technology is just the foundation of being an unsurpassed provider of property services. It is not the system itself but the way in which we use it which sets us apart and allows us to deliver a measurable difference to our customers day after day.

At Melbourne Grounds Maintenance we recognise that no system can remain at the frontier of quality and efficiency without constant review and evolution, and we place responsibility for continuous improvement of our IMS at the very top level of our organisation. We are committed to compliance with all developments in legal and regulatory requirements and to applying Australian Standards both to the IMS and its related plans, policies and procedures.

We use every possible approach to identify opportunities for improvement through audit, performance measurement and benchmarking and we ensure consistency with a formal process for the documentation and communication of changes throughout the organisation. This means that our clients benefit from a service which never stagnates and continually improves without prompting.

Melbourne Grounds Maintenance understands that whilst many businesses are keen to take advantage of the cost and time benefits of outsourcing their facility services, they can have serious concerns about delivery control. We address this by providing online access to our IMS, giving our clients real-time access to reports which give full transparency 24/7, 365 days a year and allow them to rely on Melbourne Grounds Maintenance with complete confidence.